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Kalmus Notables

Chicago IL

10.13.02  Emily completes marathon in 4:48:29!  <results> Shawn considers it a challenge...

The Latest

September 9, 2003: Bea Kalmus-Duffy, the matriarch of the Kalmus clan passed away at age 86 after a lengthy battle with Parkinson's Disease. The extended family gathered in Kansas City as her health continued to fail, anticipating her passing...<more>

August 2003: Simon and Eli spent a week at Camp Grandma in Colorado Springs. During the week they also put in some quality time drawing a mural at Jill's in Manitou Springs and staying with their cousins in Ft. Collins...

July 2003: This summer's family vacation took us through Kansas City and Chicago. It was great to visit grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles (even the world's largest known dog). Touring the bigger cities was a thrill, but the flat-out best event, according to the boys, was... <more>


May 29, 2003: We've added a couple of new pets to our household --- a new puppy named Hobbes and a hairless rat named, get this, Harry (alias Jabba the Rat).

April 20, 2003: Eli is eight years old! His Colorado grandparents came to Austin to help celebrate and we dined at the Hyatt Regency for Easter/Birthday brunch... <more>

January 18, 2003: The loss of Porter, our 12-year old smooth collie. He was healthy in that his appetite was good (he barked at 6 p.m. like clockwork if we forgot to feed him) and there certainly was nothing wrong with his hearing or his sense of smell; his vision had deteriorated a bit, but not as much as his hips... <more>


December 23, 2002: Annual holiday ski trip. The weather threatened blizzard and the powder was awesome! We decided to leave a day early for Colorado because the likelihood of the mountain pass being cleared was slim, and it's a good thing we did... <more>


September 2002: We took a brief five-day trip to Colorado to attend a family wedding. Amy's brother Gus and his fiance were married in the most beautiful countryside, where the shear mountainous faces of the west Divide both threatened to steal the ceremony and ... <more>

Isla Mujeres

July 2002: After numerous trips to the island, Amy and I finally took not only our boys but our Kansas City nephew Tyler with us on an eight-day island excursion. We had such a blast, and the boys want to know, can we come back every summer... <more>



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